what is a computer?

Ans: A Computer is an electronic device that accept data from user and  1. monitor (visual display unit):-monitor show us the output on the screen after.properly processing it.

2.CPU(Control prossing Unit):-This is the mani part of the computer System the input.We are giving to the computer.primarily processed here and we are able to see the prossed output on the Screen.

3. Keyboard:-This is the instruction giving devise of the computer.System a keyboard. Consists of alphabat.(a-z). Numeries (0-9) and other various function keys.

4.Mouse:-This is use ton easy operation,While doing graphics creation,or other operating tosks.

5.UPS(Unitereupted power supply):-It provides the machine a chance to shot down.properly in case of sudden power loss.

Uses of computer:-

1.In office organisation:-Today,almost every office is  well equipped with. Sophisticated machine today almost every office is well equipped with sophisticated machine.This will save the time and offort of the worker alot,since they need not to do repeatative paper works.

2) School and collegs :- Now,Computer are opted by the students.for their higher studies graduation course on it have launched.school and colleges are made it as their .Compulsory Subjects.

3)Industrial Desings & Drawings:- Computer . Aided Design (CAD) are done quite easily.

 With the help of the Software like autolips , mechanical desktop. the accuracy and authen ticity is guranted while using Computer drowings.

4)Other purpose:- Date Entry jobs. Desktop publishing jobs can be done at home. People can buy PC at home and can earn money by doing aforesaid jobs. 


1)Make Sure That Power Cable of the machine is properly inserted O-R not.

2)Push the power switch of the CPU.

3)Push the power button of the monitor. Waita While, The Windows will Automatically Appear.

Steps of shutinga Machine Down:-

1)close the Apllication on which you are worring

2)Chlck on start button of the taskbar.

3)Chlck on shut down .

4)Again Chlck on Shut Down.


The machine will Respond with the following message:-

“Now ITS safe to turn of your monitor 


“Win down is Shuting down”put the power switch off


There are two types of memory in the Computer. 

1)Primary Memory. 

2)secondary Memory  

                                                   Primary Memory

This Memory is video into two typs.

A)RAM(Random Access Memory)

B)ROM(Read only memory)

RAM:-When we enter any data or Instruction it will.


Stored into the ram . after than it. goes to the processor for processing ram also holds the processed data (result) before it . come to the output Devices.

When we Switch off the computer every thing in ram will . Be lost .that why ram is called as a volatite  memory . 

ROM:- It is an electronic chip that contains some series of command which he IPS to start of post and booting.

Post=Power on sellf test 

Booting=Loading of operating system .

Secondary Memory:-we can Store any Date permanti on the secondory memory (Storage Device)

Exaples:-1 Hard Disk (Non Removal disk)floppy Disk Compact Disk(CD)etc.

Microsoft word is a paputar word processing component  created by word processing . corporation. 

Creating a shortcut;-Right click>new>shortcut>click browse>select program.files(Form [c].click open . ms word>click next click finish.

Getting Start:-Click Start>programs . Microsoft word.

the extension of any user created m.s word files is doc (document file) working with m.s word.

Format menu :- text formatting select the text b>click format >font. in this section we can set the type,style,Color,underline style and various effects to the text >after setting require formatting>click ok.

Paragraph Formatting :-Select the paragraph>Click Format.

in this section we can set.                                                                                    1)Alignment ie left, cented, Right and justified.  

2)Indentation:- i.left margin,right margin and special.

(first Line /hanging)margin.

3)Specing i,e.before spacial.after spacing ,line spacing

Bullets and numbering:- Click format >bullets and numbering>Choose Format>bullets and numbering >choose format>bullets style(for UN Order list)or number format.(for order list)>chick ok.

we can also set out line number style for extended list . 

Borders and shading :Select the text or Paragraph > click formet>borders and shading >set the  border type,style color and width (from border tad)>click ok. 











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