Pubg id South Korean Game. Pubg is one of the most popular games in the world pubg has three modes classic, arcade, arena. You have earned money in pubg with your live stream on Facebook and YouTube apps. You can purchase UC and buy an RP point. Pubg launch in India 23 March 2017. You and 99 players are enter in a single match. Pubg game developer is pubg corporation and producer is Kim chang han .Pubg game designer is Bredan Greene. pubg are updated new features. In pubg close range best weapon is M416 and long range best weapon is AWM. Scout op and soul mortal is last pudg player in India .Pubg corporation is added to Alan walker song in game.you can play any other countries players. you can also play pubg on PC. When you can hack pudg your ID has been banned permanently. when 99 players are kill then you will got winner winner chicken dinner. pubg mobile are updated after 8 weeks. online multiplayer battle royal game and you can play tournament in pubg and earn money.

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